Entry #1

My First Big Feature!

2014-01-14 16:35:49 by CainRedfield

Along with being my first newspost, this is a post laiden with good news!

So earlier today, my song "Schön" was uploaded and featured on a youtube channel that promotes independant musicians. They have over 4,000 subscribers, so my song will be reaching a larger audience that I would have ever expected, considering it's my first piece I've ever really made public to anyone on the internet. Their channel name is "xy4Trance" so if you get the chance definitely click the link to their channel in the bottom of this post, they've got an incredible collection of music, and it is definitely worth checking them out and subscribing!

And on a similar note, if you came across my page here because you saw "Schön" featured on their channel, hit that follow button! I've got a lot of ideas I'm working on right now, so you'll be hearing a lot of new content from me in the future. Unfortunately, I'm still fairly new to the composition side of music, so my library of original content is smaller than I'd like it be, but you'll be hearing a lot of new stuff from me soon!


Thanks everyone for being awesome, and I hope you can all enjoy my music as much as I love writing it!





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2014-01-20 06:46:03

wow this is amazing! best wishes :D


2014-02-01 15:25:17

Hey Cain, its a beautiful song and you should definitely be proud. A lot of people really enjoyed it and I receive a lot of wonderful comments. Keep up the awesome work : )

(Updated ) CainRedfield responds:

Hey Jedge,
Nice to hear from you again. And once again, thanks for featuring my song on your channel! It was really great to have it heard by such a large audience. I doubt you do repeat features of same artist, but if you ever want to use any of my future work on your channel, or know of any other channels interested in such a thing, don't hesitate to send me a PM :D

Best wishes,