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I've been playing music my whole life, and more recently have started trying my hand at composing. I write emotional orchestral arrangements and RPG style music mainly, so check out my music and leave your comments.

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Posted by CainRedfield - August 7th, 2015

Hey everyone, 

I'm back, and I'm hoping to start getting back into writing music like I used to be. I had some serious hardships I had to deal with in my life, but now I'm on the upswing and I feel some inspiration to finish some old tracks I had started (because I have waaaaay too many half finished ideas that I still love), as well as start a few brand new pieces.

Thanks to everyone who has messaged and stayed in contact with me while I have been away, it's great to know I still have your guy's support and love!




Posted by CainRedfield - February 7th, 2014

Finally got a soundcloud page set up, so you should all go and check it out and follow me! :D


Posted by CainRedfield - February 3rd, 2014

My brother and I have spent the better part of the last week writing this piece called "Forever a Memory". Despite the expected quarelling over whose melodies and ideas were better, it was an awesome experience, and we can both say that we learnt a lot during the course of writing this song! Link's at the bottom, and you can definitely expect to hear more collborations coming from us in the future (we already have another piece started :D)

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to follow and review my music thus far, I'm slowly learning how to be a better composer and all around musician thanks to all of your comments and support! If you aren't following *insert shameless follow me and review my material*. But seriously, you guys are great! Looking forward to writing more music to share with you all!


Posted by CainRedfield - January 14th, 2014

Along with being my first newspost, this is a post laiden with good news!

So earlier today, my song "Schön" was uploaded and featured on a youtube channel that promotes independant musicians. They have over 4,000 subscribers, so my song will be reaching a larger audience that I would have ever expected, considering it's my first piece I've ever really made public to anyone on the internet. Their channel name is "xy4Trance" so if you get the chance definitely click the link to their channel in the bottom of this post, they've got an incredible collection of music, and it is definitely worth checking them out and subscribing!

And on a similar note, if you came across my page here because you saw "Schön" featured on their channel, hit that follow button! I've got a lot of ideas I'm working on right now, so you'll be hearing a lot of new content from me in the future. Unfortunately, I'm still fairly new to the composition side of music, so my library of original content is smaller than I'd like it be, but you'll be hearing a lot of new stuff from me soon!


Thanks everyone for being awesome, and I hope you can all enjoy my music as much as I love writing it!